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Three Belt Tower Press

Sentry Regent Press

Plug and Play Dewatering

Rental Equipment


Rental Equipment

CMC Mobile Dewatering Units have long been the choice of many municipalities and industries. We can provide a fast response to your testing or dewatering needs.


Tower Press

Over the years, Tower Press has evolved in direct response to operator suggestions that have made it a better and easier to operate dewatering system.


Sentry Regent Press

The Sentry Regent 15 Roll High Solids Press is an enlarged version of the standard 8 roll Sentry Press but with 15 rolls for increased cake solids. 

Proven Solutions in Biosolids Treatment

Our Mission

Charter Machine Company's decades of commitment to serving the wastewater and bio-solids management industry enables us to build and maintain mutually beneficial customer relationships for the betterment of water conditions in our environment. Charter's engineers use the most innovative technology available to ensure that we are providing superior dewatering equipment.
Client Satisfaction Speaks Volumes
Tower Press - TP17.43

“I extend my gratitude once more for your prompt assistance in repairing our belt filter press. Special acknowledgment goes to Thomas, an exemplary worker who consistently demonstrates politeness, punctuality, and a commendable level of expertise."

Rich Hahn
Pennsylvania-American Water Co. - Tobyhanna, PA
Tower Press - TP12.43S, RM240 Lime Post Treatment, LFS600 Lime Feed System, L1 Polymer System

"I feel the cost to benefit was in our favor."

Don Reitan
Wastewater Department Manager
Town of Friday Harbor, WA
Tower Press - TP12.43S

“Great machine for sure!!  Putting out 3 times in 1/4 of the time as our old machine”

Scott Rudd
Operator Assistant
Highlands WTTP, NC
Electro Osmosis Dehydrator

“The advertising claim is true. It really does reduce our solids by 60% in three minutes. This technology could be a game-changer for our industry.”

Josh Thompson
Treatment Superintendent
Henderson Water Utility

Welcome Aboard

Since 1968, Charter Machine Company, formerly GEC, has evolved from a family-owned machine shop into a trusted leader in sludge processing equipment. Originally focused on the printing industry, GEC expanded its capabilities beyond large and small run machine work to include in-house product development (like the GEC Turret Rewinder) in 1974. Today, leveraging decades of experience in liquids/solids separation and the acquisition of Roediger's technology, Charter Machine Company specializes in providing exceptional dewatering solutions with personalized service, dedicated support, and unwavering reliability – values instilled in our family heritage.

Our journey began humbly,
but our impact is mighty

Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw

Ever wonder where your wastewater goes? Terry Bradshaw dives into the often-unseen world of municipal wastewater treatment. Despite using an average of 90 gallons a day, most of us have no idea what happens after it leaves our homes and businesses. This video unveils the journey of wastewater – from your drains to the treatment plant and the essential process of keeping our communities clean. Click to learn more!

Why Choose Us?

As a leading U.S. manufacturer of wastewater and bio-solids management equipment, CMC offers unmatched capabilities to meet the diverse needs of this critical industry. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to work closely with operators and engineers, ensuring our equipment delivers optimal functionality and reliability. Our comprehensive approach, from design and engineering to installation and after-sales support, establishes CMC as your trusted full-service supplier.