Fine Bubble Diffusers

For over 20 years Roediger ROEFLEX diffusers have been a leader in the aeration industry. Most air diffusers are subject to flooding when the air pressure is turned off. ROEFLEX diffusers have a triple seal mechanism that prevents liquid from entering the diffuser and piping system. ROEFLEX air diffusers will not clog, even if the flow of air is interrupted repeatedly or for long periods of time.

The ROEFLEX Fine Bubble Disk Diffuser is a 12' diameter, slightly convex polyamide dish supplied with either a hose barb or a 1/2' NPT connection and is covered by a specifically blended elastic EPDM diaphragm. The diaphragm has multiple slotted perforations sized through extensive design and testing to furnish maximum oxygen transfer at low operating pressures.

  • Excellent Oxygen Transfer Rates  
  • Low Pressure Loss  
  • High Energy Efficiency 
  • Capability for Intermittent Operation, e.g. for Nitrification/Denitrification  
  • No-clog Design  
  • Wide Variability of Air Flow
  • Easy and Fast Installation 
  • Long Service Life

Our Assistance

  • Complimentary Computer Aided System Design
  • System Layout Drawings
  • Delivery of Diffusers, Adjustable Pipe Fixtures and Condense Water Removers
  • Outstanding Warranty

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