Custom System Design

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Charter Machine Company strives to provide all-inclusive service for your dewatering needs. To achieve that goal we offer competitively-priced polymer systems and plant specific, customized conveyors to compliment our numerous dewatering units.

Meeting any Clients Needs

CMC offers skid mounted systems that can be customized to meet any facility's needs. Our sump/skid systems can include the belt filter press only or be a complete "plug and play" system combining any combination of sludge feed pump, compressor, booster pump, in-line mixer, polymer system, conveyors, and control panel.

Save money and time with our Sump/Skid System:
  • Cost Effective- minimal contractor involvement
  • Layout Design- all-In-One "plug and play" system
  • Adaptable to any dewatering system or machinery
  • Customized to any facilities needs
  • Available in all sizes and models
  • Total System Responsibility



The unit shown is our TP7.5 model.
Skid mounted systems are available in all sizes and models.



15 Roll Sentry Press on trailer


custom machine3

1.2m Tower Press on skid/sump system


custom machine1
Custom mobile dewatering trailers

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