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We Are Proud To Offer These Five Belt Filter Press Models:

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BP 6000 Belt Filter Press BP 8000 Belt Filter Press
 Regent Press Of Our Belt Filter Press Models  Sentry Press Is One Of Our Top Belt Filter Press Models For Sludge & Dewatering

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Belt Filter Press Manufacturer: A Brief Summary Of Our Belt Filter Presses:


BP 6000 - Technologies Belt Filter Press

The BP 6000 features non-corrosive dewatering construction, interchangeable spherical roller bearings, pneumatically actuated sludge plow assembly, and digestion, the BP 6000 Belt Filter Press is user-friendly and offers a low maintenance anaerobic operation.


BP 8000

Independent gravity zone utilizing the third belt allows for higher sludge and water production capacity while allowing the biosolids to be processed at maximum efficiency. The BP 8000 provides for separate gravity dewatering functions independent of the belt press operation. It has the same quality and versatility features as the BP 6000 series. 


Regent Press - Belt Filter Press

Our Regent Press 15 Roll is an enlarged version of the Tower Press. Seven additional rollers (15 total) provide more retention time, allowing for additional press belt shearing and pressure for the sludge. Depending on the solids processed, this could increase cake solids by 2 to 5 percent.


Sentry - Belt Filter Press

Charters three belt environmental technology allows independent speed control of the belt press dewatering gravity section for sludge dewatering and pressure section for dewatering processes as well as sludge thermochemical treatment. Thus overcoming the difficulties in selecting through-put capacity or discharge cake solid concentration that standard two belt technology faces. 


Tower Press - Dewatering

The gravity deck is positioned at eye level, allowing for accurate visual adjustments without the costly addition of catwalks filtrate, steps, or risers around the Tower Press or the phoenix belt filter. 


Whether it’s sludge dewatering, thickening, polymer addition, conference, pressure leaf filters, or anaerobic lime stabilization, Charter Machine provides customized and integrated biosolids and sludge dewatering solutions for all of your sludge dewatering needs.


With our in-house staff of design engineers, we have complete control over the dewatering gravity design, fabrication, and start-up of biosolids systems perfectly suited to your operation. 


As a result, we can provide seamless total system responsibility -- from high sludge testing, dewatering, to design assistance to equipment start-up and training. 


Why Choose Our Machines?


BP 6000

This machine is the most economical, one of the smallest footprints. This is for users not as concerned about solids and performance, the BP 6000 gets the job done. It’s the lowest cost model. 


The BP 6000 is most comparable to other belt filter presses, it’s a worldwide known standard style of the belt filter press. It is known throughout the world for its base-level performance and setting the standard. This is one of the most highly recognized belt filter presses that you’d be familiar with.


BP 8000

This machine is the slightly more advanced version of the BP 6000. The BP 6000 belt filter press incorporates a third belt for optimum efficiency and versatility in operating. 


The benefit of using the BP 8000 is a step up from the 6000. This filtration belt press model is different as the BP 8000 has a wider range of operating capabilities in versatility for different materials.


Tower Press

The tower press is a revolutionary concept and styled machine. We are the company that brought this style of machine to the marketplace. This belt filter press revolutionized the standard for belt filter presses allowing for a much more economical installation. 


Advantages of the tower press are no platforms, or catwalks are required when operating the tower press. The elevated discharge allows for the possible elimination of conveyors or less complexity or amount of conveyors are required.


Sentry press

A superior version of the tower press. The sentry press also contains a third belt just like the BP 8000. It has a wider range of operating capabilities and is more versatile in the types of sludges that it can process. Another benefit of the third belt is that the gravity belt portion of this machine can be run independently/by itself for the purposes of thickening only.


The Regent Press

This is a heavy-duty version of the tower press, it is capable of much higher tension. It’s able to apply these tensions to the belt pressure. The addition of 7 more high-pressure rollers, allows for a 1-2% increase in discharge cake solids decreasing the cost of disposal.


The goal behind the belt filter press is to have higher cake solids, this will decrease the cost all around and make for a much easier process.


More Information About Our Belt Filter Presses

BP 6000 - Tradition And Performance For Sludge Dewatering

The 6000 Series is Charter Machine’s version of the traditional horizontal sludge dewatering belt feed. As with all our belt press filter systems or solutions, the moment of inertia (frame strength), safety factors, and deflections on our horizontal design of the belt are among the highest in the industry.

Charter, using premium belts strives to meet the needs of its clients whether it is the anaerobic typical hot-dipped galvanized frame with stainless steel components or complete stainless steel models. In addition to the standard size horizontal press filter press, we also offer a short-deck model for the shorter footprint but still maintain all the features and benefits of the original model. Our BP 6000 system can be the ideal solution for your sludge water dewatering needs.

BP 6000 with optional wire guard. Charter can customize their water solutions to meet the client’s particular needs. Our in-house engineering staff can provide assistance in design, layout, drawings, and controls to meet any zone situation.

Center Pivot Tracking

Charter Machine utilizes a Pneumatic/Hydraulic alfa laval controlled center pivot alignment system for our filter presses. This design reduces belt stretching, lengthens belt life, and provides more consistent performance over the life of the belt.

Skid Mount Systems - The All In One Solution

Charter Machine offers skid-mounted systems that produce sludge that can be customized to meet any facility’s needs. Our sump/skid systems can include the belt filter press only or be a complete “plug and play” system combining any combination of sludge feed pump, compressor, booster pump, in-line mixer, polymer system, conveyors, and control panel. Our sludge dewatering equipment is one of a kind!

Belt Tensioning

Pneumatic/Hydraulically controlled rigid tensioning assembly adjusts and maintains alfa laval belt tension with parallel pressure movement for extended belt life.

One Piece Bearings

Charter Machine utilizes Rilsan Nylon coated one-piece solid pillow block bearing housings with gasketed endplate for sludge dewatering. Self-aligning double-row spherical bearings with quadruple lip seals. The contact surface of the shafts shall have a 60-micrometer polished finish to increase seal life and each stud shaft shall be held in place with a lock ring to guarantee alignment.

Plow Grid

Pneumatic/Hydraulic actuator lifts or lowers entire plow assembly for easier gravity drainage and cleaning of the filter belt, eliminating systems manually lifting each row of plows. Plows “float” on the belt and can be replaced without the use of tools.

Tower Press Belt Filter Press

Higher cake solids during sludge dewatering. Improved capture rates and throughput system. Better thickening, pressure, high request rate, recycling and gravity drainage performance. Together, they add up to greater efficiency at a lower cost of operation, making the Tower Press the world’s number one belt filter press for municipal and industrial filtrate applications.

What sets the anaerobic Tower Press apart?

Everything, but here’s what water treatment plants like best for sludge dewatering:

Stacked Pressure Rollers

The improved design begins with the pressure rollers. With Tower Press, the pressure rollers are aligned vertically. This guarantees maximum high cake dryness, which in turn minimizes hauling costs and landfill fees.

Individual Drain Pans

Non-corroding, stainless steel drain pans are positioned at each roller to prevent any rewetting of the preceding sludge cake.

Elevated Discharge

Tower Press features an elevated discharge that’s more than 6-feet off of the floor for sludge, making alfa laval or gravity drainage simpler to add ancillary equipment for further processing.

Pneumatic Belt Tensioning

Our pneumatic belt tensioning maintains consistent and even tension on the belt at all times for smooth operation and long belt life.

Center Pivot Tracking

The unique center pivot design improves belt filter press digestion alignment by adjusting both sides of the belt simultaneously.

One Piece Bearings

Tower Press uses one-piece pillow-block bearings with a gasketed end-cap and self-aligning double-row spherical-roller and quadruple lips, and sludge rate.

Multiple Sizes

Tower Press is sized to fit your needs. It’s available with a 1.2, 1.7 or 2.2-meter belt flow sludge dewatering equipment.

Over the years, Tower Press has evolved in direct response to operator suggestions that have made it better and easier to operate dewatering & sludge output:

The Tower Press easy maintenance, “hands-off” digestion design reduces manpower hour and therefore overall operations costs and rate.

The entire dewatering process may be observed from ground level, reducing plant design and construction costs and sludge.

Doctor blades and plows are pneumatically actuated for easier operation and cleaning. Only the Tower Press offers this exclusive feature.

Center pivot tracking rolls eliminate one-sided belt stretch and deliver a quicker response to belt misalignment.

Rigid Tensioning assembly adjusts sludge zone treatment and belt tensions with parallel movement.

Optional filtrate recycle eliminates the need to use plant water to clean filter belts.

Sentry Press: the same great features of the Tower Press…and even more!

Charters three belt technology allows independent speed control of the gravity section and pressure section.

Thus overcoming the difficulties in selecting through-put capacity or discharge cake solid concentration that standard two belt technology faces.

The low profile gravity zone, tubular or channel steel frame, open or enclosed frame design, and pneumatic or hydraulic operation all provide easier viewing, operation, and maintenance.

The Sentry Press easy maintenance, “hands-off” design reduces filters, feed, and processes of manpower hours and therefore overall operating costs and systems.

Optional filtrate recycle feature eliminates the need to utilize outside water sources for belt cleaning during operation.

Charter can configure your press to suit your needs.

Pressure section available in 8, 10 & 15 roll configurations. As well as a High Solids version abd 70 PLI version or both.

Feed box also available in upflow flocculation tank style.

Stacked Pressure Rollers

Charter Machine Company incorporates our tower press arrangement of rollers into the Sentry design. This enables every pressure roll to have a minimum of 205 degree belt wrap, which maximizes time under pressure and guarantees high cake solids for sludge dewatering via belt presses.

Maximum Efficiency Perforated Roll

Charter’s Perforated Roll is unique in its design in that it allows for more water to pass through the belt for better dewatering performance. With over 89% open surface area it leads the industry. The industry standard is only 33% opening or less.

Positive Pressure Wedge Zone

Sentry Press employs an adjustable wedge zone capable of providing positive pressure on both belts.

One Piece Bearing Housing

The Sentry Press utilizes a one-piece pillow block housing with a gasketed and bolted end plate. All bearing housings are coated with a standard 20 mil thickness of Rilson Nylon utilizing the electrostatic fusion bonding process and systems.

Individual Drain pans

The Vertical Arrangement allows every drop of water removed by the belts to cascade through a series of stainless steel drip pans positioned under each roller, which eliminates the rewetting of any sludge cake between the belts.

Bearing and Shaft Design

All bearings are self-aligning double-roll spherical roller type and provided with quadruple lip seals. All shafts are machined and polished. Each shaft is held in place with a lock ring to guarantee alignment and eliminate any slippage or misalignment that can occur with other arrangements.

Elevated Discharge

The Sentry Press features an elevated discharge that’s more than 6 feet from the base of the belt filter press frame making it easier to design, install and maintain conveyor for recycling or sludge dewatering.

Standard Belt Filter Presses remove water from wastewater and yield a sludge cake. This reduces the volume of residuals, reduces the costs for storage, transfer, end-use, or disposal.

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Information About Our Gravity Belt Thickener & Our Belt Filter Press

The premier Gravity Belt Thickener for your municipal and industrial applications. Although some people consider Gravity Belt Thickeners to be "basically the same", we at Charter Machine Company respectfully disagree. We believe our design and construction providers the premier Gravity Belt Thickener available and encourage you to compare our features and benefits against any other GBT feed system in the marketplace.

Belt filter alignment is a major concern regarding GBT's, CMC has addressed this issue with their center-pivot alignment biosolids filtrate design. By pivoting in the center of the unit, both sides ogf the unit are adjusting simultaneously. This reduces the potential for blinding, extends belt life and makes corrections faster and smoother. CMC utilizes self-aligning double-roll spherical bearings with a quadruple lip seal. The solid pillow-block housings and mounting pads are machined in-house to ensure absolute parallelism.

Standard frame construction is a hot-dipped galvanized MC channel with stainless steel flock tank, trays, chutes, containment sides, and hardware. Complete stainless steel units in 304 or 316 are available upon request. CMC offers four sizes of GBT: 1.2 meter, 1.7 meter, 2.2 meter and 3.2 meter.

Belt filter press alignment and belt tensioning are pneumatically controlled. This provides a cleaner and easier system to maintain. Our unique plow-grid assembly eliminates the need to manually lift and lower each row of plows. All bearings and drives are easily accessible while the open design allows for easy clean up after completing a run.

All control panels are stainless steel, manufactured in-house and can be customized to meet any requirements of the facility. CMC also offers a filtrate-recycling feature that can be utilized in the belt wash system to minimize water consumption and filters gravity drainage for solid biosolids digestion and dewatering.

CMC's design, materials of construction, and fabrication provide tangible benefits. Our belts are guaranteed for 4,000 hours, twice as long as most other GBT suppliers. All bearings and bearing housings are guaranteed for the life of the unit.

Our center-pivot design maintains even belt stretch providing more consistent performance over the life of the belt. The units are manufactured in our 100,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in Metuchen, New Jersey where a complete inventory of spare parts is available for immediate shipment.

Our engineering department and sales force would welcome the opportunity to address any questions or provide information.




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